seamless was conceived from a series of happy coincidences.

   an intrinsic obsession with creative clothing
+ project runway's fascinating framing of the design process
+ local showcases of independent designers
+ encouragement and funding from the mit arts community
+ démodé legacy of 1997 wearables show at the media lab

= a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion.

this production provides an exhibitory, creative outlet for students to present their works. each project [re]interprets the conceptual goal of a seamless relationship between technology and fashion.

the last fashion event at the media lab occurred in 1997 with the enormous wearables show. the zeitgeist [and hence the tone of the event] was of the beginning of the internet-optimistic era, with rosy visions of the future. now, with the elegant ubiquity of cellphones and ipods [and nary a head-mounted display in sight], we're ready to redefine and reinvent the form and function of clothing within a technological scope.

clothing communicates. it identifies, it connects, it remembers.

seamless will feature clothing that speaks to us on a personal level, re-evaluating our relationship with clothes, ourselves, others, and our environment. street-savvy and culture-conscious, these are real clothes that inspire and provoke.