call for designers

Brainy Acts presents seamless :: computational couture

January 30, 2008 — fashion show

November 28, 2007 — submission deadline

The Museum of Science Boston will present the 3rd SEAMLESS: Computational Couture in 2008. Co-produced by the Museum of Science, Christine Liu and Amanda Parkes, the show will take place at the Museum of Science on Wednesday, January 30, 8pm. This year the show will be a living exhibition of fashion, an event combining the fun and glamour of a runway show with the personal engagement of interactive installations.

We are looking for fashion design which pushes the boundaries of technology -- computational & conceptual couture & wearables, fashion with a social agenda concerning technology (although may not have embedded technology), and fashion produced using algorithmic fabrication or innovative manufacturing techniques. Because of the exhibition format, it will also be possible to show architectural textile installations, we are also open to submissions in this category.

Here's how it will work: at the start of the event, we will announce and present the designers as they enter with models wearing their garments, kind of an informal runway entrance to let the audience know what work is present. Instead of the traditional runway, we will be using escalators to bring models and designers down two floors to the area where the living exhibition will be held. The designer/models pairs will then head to selected areas, hang out and interact with attendees, showing, discussing and demonstrating their works. The format and degree of interactivity will be up to the designers. We hope that this format will allow attendees a better way to experience the pieces up close and will give them a chance to understand the depth—in concept, construction or technical means—of the designers' intentions, something that can be lost in a traditional runway setting. However, this presentation method still allows the pieces to be shown in action and 'embodied' with live models.

The event will also feature professional photography and videography (available for use royalty free after the show) and professional models.


  1. Designer (or designer’s representative) must be available to attend Tuesday, January 29 dress rehearsal at the Museum of Science Boston and the Wednesday, January 30 event.
  2. Each designer will be given a small honorarium.
  3. Students and emerging designers are especially encouraged to submit.
  4. If selected, designers must commit to completing their design and participating at the show/dress rehearsal in person.
  5. Submitted works should be functional (not concept projects) and able to be withstand some level of demonstration by the time of the show.
  6. Designs must be able to be worn on an escalator as the models make their entrance. If this is problematic, please let us know.
  7. Please email your submission as a single PDF (photos embedded) to: seamless at mos dot org
  8. Video can be sent separately or can be viewed by us on a website, send the URL.



The submissions will be committee reviewed and you will receive a notification by mid-December (at the latest). You may also email with questions before the submission deadline. Write to seamless at mos dot org