2005.12.08 :: call for designers for the next seamless event. seamless v.2 will be held on february 1, 2006, at the boston museum of science. follow the link for more information and to purchase tickets for the event.

2005.08.19 :: seamless featured on cover of I.D. magazine, sept/oct 2005 issue, with accompanying article by jessie scalon and photo spread by kate kunath

2005.08.10 :: article (text in hungarian) with photographs on agent portal

2005.08.05 :: futuristic fashion forward featured article on designtechnica

2005.06.22 :: boston globe article published in the living+arts LOOK section. great overview of clothing technology research at MIT and beyond.

2005.06.02 :: AP article featured on CNN

recent blog postings on gizmodo, engadget, techwear, smart mobs,, techie diva, sousveillance

2005.05.27 :: congratulations to nick knouf: ætherspace announced as honorable mention for the 2005 prix ars electronica [the next idea] art + technology grant.

2005.05.24 :: highlight on Canada's CNEWS

2005.05.23 :: find some snapshots from the runway at doug eng's gallery on pbase.

2005.05.20 :: photographs on the AP wire: alice wearing lumiloop and amanda fitting nomad pneumatics on tatiana

2005.05.20 :: seamless is a spotlight on the mit homepage (spotlight graphic may not be present after 2005.05.20).

2005.05.19 :: posting about seamless on

2005.05.19 :: seamless mentioned on

2005.05.18 :: article in MITs Tech Talk about seamless

2005.05.17 :: seamless is a highlight on the media lab homepage

2005.05.04 :: cast + crew biographies posted

2005.05.02 :: project list finalized

2005.05.01 :: model selection! a surreal experience.

2005.04.29 :: publication in frames, the bimonthly newsletter of the media lab

2005.04.11 :: launch of

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